Dernière séance
It begun with Gary Cooper when I was... I can't remember. I don't really know what has attracted me so much in these "on set pictures" for so long : the willingness to do the best together, the creative process, the incredible style and elegance of stars and workers, when it was done to make people think, believe or dream.
I thank those who make this blog possible through the publishing of these pictures on the web.

Ceux qui ont versé des larmes à la découverte du final de « Cinéma Paradisio » comprendront la raison de ce blog.

Dernière séance
Catherine Deneuve and Nino Castelnuovo on the set of Les Parapluies de Cherbourg directed by Jacques Demy, 1964.
William Powell on location for the fishing foray of Libeled Lady (Une fine mouche) directed by Jack Conway, 1936.
Jean Harlow, Lee Tracy and director Victor Fleming (seated) on the set of Bombshell (Mademoiselle Volcan), 1933.
Marcel Carné (white jacket) on the set of Les enfants du paradis (Children of Paradise), 1945.
Elizabeth Taylor and Robert Taylor on the set of Conspirator (Guet-apens) directed by Victor Saville, 1949. Photo Mark Kauffman.
Natalie Wood and James Dean carefully observed by director Nicholas Ray on the set of Rebel Without A Cause (La Fureur de vivre), 1955.
Joan Fontaine on the set of Suspicion (Soupçons) directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 1941.
Spencer Tracy and Jean Harlow on the set of Riffraff (La Loi du plus fort) with director Jacob Walter Ruben on the right, 1936.
Clark Gable and visitor Carole Lombard on the set of Too Hot To Handle (Un envoyé très spécial) directed by Jack Conway, 1938.
Mary Pickford and director Frank Borzage (on the right) on the set of Secrets, 1933.
Richard Fleischer directs Kurt Kasznar, Bobby Driscoll, Marcel Dalio and Louis Jourdan on the set of The Happy Time (Sacré Printemps) 1952.
Alan Hale and Errol Flynn on the set of The Adventures of Robin Hood (Les Aventures de Robin des Bois) directed by Michael Curtiz, 1938.
Gary Cooper and director William Wyler on the set of Friendly Persuasion (La Loi du Seigneur), 1956.
Spencer Tracy and Joan Crawford on the set of Mannequin directed by Frank Borzage, 1937.